Shaq Washington, WR/PR, Cincinnati – 2016

Positives: Runs with above-average speed and quickness. Above-average routes – is quick in and out of breaks. Uses his quickness well to get off of press coverage at the line. Generally above-average hands. Good body control and concentration on difficult and contested passes. Fairly nimble on the sidelines. Adjusts very well to off-target passes. Tracks very well over his inside shoulder. Heads upfield quickly after the catch. Difficult to get a hold of in the open field. Versatile – was team’s wildcat quarterback and is also a former high school QB. As a thrower, he throws with adequate touch.

Negatives: Has some lapses of concentration on easy passes. Doesn’t track passes as well over his outside shoulder. Seems a little unwilling to go over the middle and loses concentration – will short-arm a pass when a hit is coming. Not very strong, and is easy to bring down once a defender gets a hold of. Questionable ball security technique and will hold the ball away from his body through traffic. Generally poor decisions as a punt returner and tried to field a punt on a bounce in traffic and fumbled – also tried to return a punt in traffic inside the 10-yard line. Will also field punts off-balance. Poor accuracy as a passer at all levels. Knee bone bruise in senior year of high school. Missed 2011 season due to unknown injury.

Projection: Undrafted free agent.

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