Chris Harper, WR, California – 2015

Junior who has declared for the 2015 NFL draft.

Positives: Adequate speed and quickness. Runs above-average routes and seems to set up defenders well. Above-average concentration and hands in traffic and is able to lay out for passes. Fairly nimble on sidelines.

Negatives: Slightly below-average height and bulk for the position. Below-average upper-body strength. Inconsistent hands, and lets the ball get to his body at times. Doesn’t adjust very well to passes thrown behind him. Needs to have better open-field vision to find where his cutback lanes and blockers are. Had shoulder surgery in 2013.

Projection: Round 7

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1 Response to Chris Harper, WR, California – 2015

  1. Mark says:

    Chris is an amazing WR and is very underrated…whatever team drafts him will get a steal. I’m surprised he isn’t projected in lower rounds with 3 years of very good production against great competition in one of the best if not the best conferences in CFB (Pac12). He is very strong in his upper body and was pound for pound the strongest on the CAL FB team….benched 225lbs 11x at his pro day.
    He runs excellent routes and has excellent hands (rarely catches with his body) and is a nightmare to defend.

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