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  1. Darrian Turk says:

    Link to my youtube video. I would love for you to check it out, and tell me what you think. Good and bad. God bless. http://youtu.be/038_TRwNwR8

    • Checked it out quickly. For scouts, these videos have to be taken with a huge grain of salt. We can’t tell if the video’s been sped up — even playback at a slight 1.05 speed increase will change perception a lot. You’re also in shorts with no shirt, so we can’t tell how this necessarily translates to action in pads. We also can’t tell if you edited out 10 bad plays to keep in the one good play. That’s why live action is the only thing I (and most scouts) rely on. That being said, if this is a true representation of what you can do, you have quick feet, nice hands, and good body control and concentration to reel in off-target passes. When you get into your breaks, though, I see a tiny bit of chaos happening, and your upper and lower body look a little out of sync. And I know NAIA schools are notorious for not having their own game film, but I would say you should get some live game video put together however you can — even if it’s just a friend recording from the sideline or stands. Even if it’s from a smartphone.

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