Dan Vitale, FB, Northwestern – 2016

Buccaneers, Round 6.

Postseason Events: Senior Bowl and NFL Combine.

Positives: Great height and good bulk for the position. Above-average hand size. Above-average hands and can extend consistently. Above-average body control and can bring in passes while sliding on the ground. Nimble enough to get his feet down on the sidelines. Good awareness of where the first down marker is. Maintains contact well when he drives his defender. Adequate pass protector who can just slide laterally to the right. Above-average track speed for the position and size. Very good vertical leap for the position. Good broad jump for the position. Both indicate a potential for high explosiveness out of the fullback position. Adequate ability to change directions with burst in Combine measures. Very good upper-body strength.

Negatives: Has some trouble bringing in passes farther away from his body. Suspect concentration and will sometimes take his eyes off of easy passes. Will leave his feet as a run blocker when he should just drive forward. Below-average quickness out of his breaks as a route runner.

Pre-Draft Projection: Round 5. He is a dynamic fullback who could fill in as a running back for stretches in some running systems. His receiving ability and athleticism combined with his blocking ability should get him a roster spot.

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