Trevone Boykin, QB/WR, TCU – 2016

Postseason Events: NFLPA Bowl. He was invited to the Senior Bowl as a wide receiver, but declined so he could focus on quarterbacking.

Positives: Was a redshirt senior with a lot of experience at the position. He brings a lot of athleticism to the quarterback position. Has shown some willingness to change positions at the next level, and has trained at both quarterback and wide receiver position in the offseason. He runs with good speed and acceleration and is a patient runner who knows when to slide and protect himself. He runs better than his track speed suggests. He is also very elusive in the pocket under pressure, and, when he does take off, he does so with above-average vision, quickness, and balance when he makes cuts. He also moves around pretty well within the pocket and is able to step up in the pocket and he is under outside pressure, reset his feet, and deliver a fairly accurate pass. He keeps his eyes downfield on the run, looking for the pass instead of immediately taking off, and he throws better on the move. He also knows when to throw the ball away under pressure and is willing to check down. Adequate vertical leap for the position. He throws with good arm strength and adequate velocity. Though his accuracy is generally below average, it has improved somewhat over his college career. He seems to be more accurate on throws to the outside of the field than to the middle of the field. Willing run blocker. Throws a pretty catchable slant pattern. Adequate hand size. Reportedly ran nice routes as a receiver at his pro day. His offense in college was based around speed and fast plays, so he is used to making quick decisions.

Negatives: He operated a spread offense in college so he may not be ready immediately for an NFL offense. Though his accuracy has improved over time, he still throws with below-average accuracy at all levels of the field. Late recognition of open receivers. Eyeballs receivers at times and will throw it directly at defenders. Holds the ball too long under pressure in the red zone. Generally poor ball security on the run, and holds ball loosely. Inconsistent mechanics on throws, with an inconsistent release point. Throws with a three-quarter release point that sometimes drops down to sidearm. Poor track speed for a wide receiver. Below-average height for the position, with slightly below-average bulk – built more like a running back. Below average lower body explosiveness in Combine drills for a quarterback. Poor explosiveness and vertical leap for a wide receiver. Seems to have trouble sensing where the rush is coming from. Doesn’t set his feet consistently on the move and his passes will die when he tries to put some zip behind them. His NFL future definitely looks more promising at wide receiver than at quarterback. Broke bone in left wrist during 2014 season but played through it and had surgery in February 2015. Injured right ankle in November 2015 and missed unknown amount of time. Arrested for assault of a police officer in December 2015 and was suspended from the team’s bowl game. It seems like he places the ball on short passes a lot more than he just throws it. Needs to drive the ball on out routes. Pass wobbles when he drives. Doesn’t see the field very well, and will throw it at intermediate linebackers in his way. Needs to get rid of the football under pressure in the red zone instead of taking a sack.

Projection: Round 7. He has enough positive qualities to contribute at the next level, but he doesn’t have enough outstanding qualities as either a wide receiver or quarterback to make him a can’t-miss prospect. I expect him to make a camp and potentially be a practice squad player and get experience as a scout team quarterback and part-time wide receiver/special teamer.

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