Stephen Rivers, QB, Northwestern State-FCS – 2016

Transferred from LSU to Vanderbilt in spring 2014. Then, transferred to FCS-level Northwestern State as a grad student for the 2015 season.

Postseason Events: NFLPA Bowl.

Positives: Has a good bloodline as the brother of Phillip Rivers. 6’7″ size – very tall for a quarterback, with good bulk. Pro-style offense experience at LSU in 2012-2013 and at Vanderbilt in 2014. Keeps his eyes downfield on the run. Is able to sidestep the rush up the middle. Has played in a variety of offensive systems in college. Able to step up in the pocket under outside pressure.

Negatives: Maybe too tall for the position at 6’7″. Generally below-average accuracy at all levels – even short. Below-average throwing mechanics and will throw off of his back foot for no reason. Suspect pocket presence and won’t sense when pressure is near. Will just throw the ball up under pressure. Odd throwing motion and seems to push the ball rather than throw it. Long delivery. Three-quarter release will sometimes drop down to sidearm – looks tight overall. Holds the ball too long. Doesn’t show a lot of escapability in the pocket. Not a lot of lateral quickness and it takes a while for him to stop his momentum on the run. Injured foot in September 2014 and missed unknown amount of time. Fumbled without a hit in NFLPA Bowl practices – small hands?

Projection: Undrafted free agent, and potential practice-squad player.

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