Matt Johnson, QB, Bowling Green – 2016

Bengals, UDFA.

Postseason Events: NFLPA Bowl.

Positives: He was a redshirt senior with a lot of starts in both a pro-style and spread offense in college. The offense he ran in college used a very high tempo, so he is used to making quick decisions. Consistently above-average accuracy and anticipation on timing routes. Generally above-average deep accuracy. Nice accuracy rolling to his right or left. Consistently above-average accuracy on the run, even throwing across his body. Improvises well on broken plays. Above-average arm strength and velocity. Above-average speed and has adequate quickness and ability to accelerate out of his cuts. Is willing to run. Nice pump fake. Nice touch on deep passes.

Negatives: Below-average height for the position. Below-average accuracy on intermediate passes to the sideline. Needs to learn to vary his velocity. Needs to use more touch in the red zone over linebackers in coverage. Below-average decisions rolling to his left and will throw across his body often. Loses a lot of accuracy and velocity in wet conditions even on short passes. Very hesitant, and consistently makes late decisions. Eyeballs receivers. Though he seems very accurate on the move, he doesn’t control his body well and will throw out of sync. Doesn’t seem to sense the rush. Misses opportunities to check down under pressure, and especially needs to learn to throw it away on the rollout in the red zone. Under pressure, will just throw it up for grabs. Seems like he has an uptight throwing motion. He throws with a long delivery, even on short passes. Doesn’t set up in pocket well and loses velocity and accuracy as a result. Doesn’t always set his feet when he is on the move. Also dropped the ball twice in wet conditions – small hands? Not a whole lot of escapability. Hip injury in September 2014 and missed rest of season.

Projection: Round 7. He is a generally accurate quarterback with some nice improvisation skills. However, he has enough deficiencies that will keep him from getting drafted higher – deficiencies that will probably limit him to a backup role at best in the NFL. He may be better suited to the CFL.

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