Nate Sudfeld, QB, Indiana – 2016

Washington, Round 6.

Postseason Events: Shrine Game and NFL Combine.

Positives: Very tall for the position at 6’6″, but with proportional bulk. Above-average hand size. He throws with above-average intermediate and deep accuracy and touch. Above-average accuracy on the move. Is accurate enough throwing to stationary receivers. Is able to fit passes well in zone defenses. Able to fit the ball through tight windows. Above-average arm strength. Adequate velocity. Nice touch on passes at all levels. Doesn’t look to run often, but is willing when necessary. He keeps his eyes downfield when on the move. Knows when to throw away.

Negatives: Runs a spread offense with a very high tempo and a lot of read option, so he may not be ready for a standard NFL offense. Below-average accuracy on fade routes. Eyeballs receivers at times. Below-average speed and quickness. Though his accuracy is okay when his throwing to stationary receivers, he has below-average accuracy on moving targets and crossing patterns, and will throw behind receivers. He needs to know when to throw with more velocity and will float passes to the flat. Tends to throw off of his back foot when pressure is coming when he should just step into the throw or make decisions earlier. Doesn’t seem to step into his throws, and loses a lot of velocity. Slow feet. Will short hop to receivers when he is fading back. Hesitates in the pocket and will double clutch often. Sometimes throws across his body on the move, inviting interceptions. Deep passes will sometimes flutter when he has to drive the ball. Below-average vertical leap for the position. Poor overall lower-body explosiveness in Combine drills. Injured left shoulder in October 2014, had surgery, and missed rest of season. Injured ankle in October 2015 and missed unknown time.

Pre-Draft Projection: Round 6. He is a pretty solid dropback-style quarterback with great size. His lack of athleticism, accuracy, and his slower decision-making ability probably limit him pros to a backup role.

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