Marquise Williams, QB, North Carolina – 2016

Positives: His height is adequate and his bulk is good for the position. Was mostly used as a running quarterback in 2013, but he grew into the starter position later that season. He throws with good arm strength and above-average velocity. Though he is slow to go through his progressions, he will do so if given enough time. Steps up in the pocket under outside pressure. Pretty good escapability in the pocket. Not easy to bring down in the pocket. Runs with above-average power. Very strong, and can just push rushers away from him while delivering the pass.

Negatives: He ran a high-tempo spread offense with a lot of option plays in college, so he may not be ready for an NFL offense. Generally very inconsistent. Below-average accuracy on short patterns all over the field. Below-average deep accuracy. Deep passes tend to flutter. Slow to go through progressions. Holds the ball too long under pressure and will try to just slip the ball away at the last second. Eyeballs receivers. Doesn’t see the field very well on the move and will miss obvious opportunities. Misses a lot of open receivers in his reads. Continues to drift backwards under little pressure. Makes consistently poor decisions and misses wide open receivers. Will throw it down the middle of the field into double coverage. Will throw it into quadruple coverage in the end zone. Will throw the ball across his body on the rollout. Long throwing motion with a hitch. Three-quarter release. He runs with below-average burst. Below-average ball security technique on the move and will hold it away from his body while running. Injured hip kept him out of spring 2015 practices.

Projection: Undrafted free agent. Though he has some athleticism to his game, I don’t see enough as a quarterback to get him a roster spot in the NFL. His decision-making and accuracy needed a lot of work.

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