Fredi Knighten, QB/WR, Arkansas State – 2016

Positives: Throws with adequate anticipation and accuracy on timing patterns across the middle. Has enough arm strength and throws with above-average velocity. Shows nice escapability in the pocket under pressure. He is an athletic prospect at the next level. He runs with above-average speed. Is agile and can spin away from tacklers and has good balance after contact. Runs tough, with very good effort to break through tackles at the goal line. Above-average cutback vision.

Negatives: He ran a high-tempo spread system with a lot of option running plays – an offense that doesn’t readily translate to the pros. His height and weight are small for a quarterback in the pros – looks like much more of a wide receiver prospect at the next level. He throws with generally below-average accuracy at all levels, but especially on deep passes. Below-average accuracy rolling to his right. Will float intermediate passes and give linebackers a chance to react. Needs to learn to vary his velocity instead of throwing bullets on short passes. Late to pull the trigger. Doesn’t seem to see the field very well and will see obviously open receivers. Will throw it into heavy coverage on deep passes. Will try to force the ball in the red zone. Eyeballs receivers. Not much pocket sense. Doesn’t seem to like to slide as a runner. He throws with a long windup motion that gives defenders a chance to react. Consistently poor ball security technique on the run, and he will hold the ball in one hand while being tackled. He also shows poor ball security technique while moving inside the pocket, where he just dropped the ball – small hands? Late to pitch the ball in option plays.

Projection: His athleticism should probably get him into a camp – either in July or at rookie minicamps. I don’t think his NFL future is at quarterback, though, and he should probably move to wide receiver since his assets are mostly on the athletic side and less on the throwing side.

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