Everett Golson, QB/RB, Florida State – 2016

Transferred from Notre Dame to Florida State as a graduate student May 2015.

Positives: Has several years of experience in college as a pro-style quarterback, so he should be fairly ready to learn an NFL offense. He throws with fair accuracy on the run. Nice anticipation on his throws. Throws with above-average arm strength and velocity. Nice touch on medium passes. Stands in the pocket pretty confidently under pressure. Keeps eyes downfield on the run. Knows when to throw ball away. Adequate game speed and track speed, vertical leap and broad jump for a quarterback. On the run, he’s quick and elusive for a quarterback, and runs with good body lean.

Negatives: He was always a run-first type of quarterback. Short for a quarterback, with below-average bulk. Below-average accuracy on timing patterns and will throw behind receivers. Below-average deep accuracy and his deep passes tend to float. Hesitant inside the pocket and consistently makes late decisions. Tends to eyeball receivers, locking onto his first option and not wait. Poor red-zone decisions and will not see open receivers – instead, taking off to run. Misses open reads often. Below-average throwing mechanics – throws off back foot without pressure. 3/4 release. Pats the ball before releasing it and has a somewhat long release. Poor track speed and below-average vertical leap and broad jump for a running back. Below-average quickness side to side and when accelerating out of cuts in pro day tests. Below-average ball security – holds ball too loosely on run. Concussed in October 2015 and missed unknown amount of time. Expelled from school for academic reasons in 2013, but was readmitted in December 2013. Sprained shoulder AC joint in November 2014 and missed unknown amount of time. Missed 2015 bowl game for personal reasons.

Projection: Undrafted free agent. To me, he looks more like a CFL quarterback with some solid athleticism and enough touch and anticipation to make it as a quarterback that we. For the NFL, his accuracy and hesitancy will probably get in trouble.

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