Jacques Alston, RB/KR, North Carolina Wesleyan-D3, 2015

All-Star Games: National Bowl and D3 Senior Classic.

Positives: Runs with adequate speed and above-average burst. Consistently above-average balance after contact. Pretty good open-field vision and lateral quickness. Willing to finish runs strong on the sidelines despite his size. Accelerates well out of his cuts even in slippery conditions. Stays squared while making moves. Keeps his legs churning after contact. Nice agility and balance in the open field and can spin out of contact – and was able to maintain his quickness even in wet conditions in the D3 Senior Classic.. Though not a strong blocker, he is at least a willing pass blocker who will cut block oncoming rushers. Looked like the best player on the field in both of his all-star games, and was the MVP of the National Bowl.

Negatives: Very short and slight for the position. Isn’t a very tenacious blocker and will give up after one effort. Suspect hands and concentration, and will drop easy passes where he turns upfield. Suspect ball security and hand strength in wet conditions. He isn’t especially strong, and is pretty easy to bring down once you get a hold of him. Below-average vision on kick returns and will push too far into traffic before trying to make a move.

Projection: UDFA. As a Division 3 player, he’s not likely to get drafted. I’ve also heard zero chatter about him as even an undrafted free agent, but, from what I saw in his two all-star games, he deserves to at least be in a camp to get a shot at a roster.

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