CJ Brown, QB, Maryland – 2015

Was a grad student.

Positives: Though he ran a spread offense in college, he did run some plays from under center. Keeps his head under pressure and can get the ball away at the last second. Will patiently wait for routes to develop. Throws with above-average accuracy in general, and improving accuracy on timing routes. Adequate arm strength. Pretty good throwing mechanics. Knows when to throw the ball away to prevent loss of yards. Above-average speed. Is a determined runner who fights to stay on his feet and keeps his balance after contact. Adequate acceleration and above-average quickness/ability to change directions. Runs with pretty good power. Consistently solid decisions on pitch plays and is pretty good at run fakes. Seems fairly tough, and played through a wrist sprain in 2014.

Negatives: Spread offense with a lot of option plays, but some under-center plays. Was starter before tearing ACL in preseason 2012 and missing season. Concussed in October 2013 and missed several weeks. Left wrist sprain in early 2014 season. Late recognition. Will overthrow on slant patterns. On the move, he shows below-average accuracy and won’t set his feet. His field of vision seems to narrow a lot outside the pocket – missing checkdown receivers. Three-quarters release. Consistently holds the ball too long in the pocket, eyeballing receivers and often not seeing when other receivers are open. Doesn’t sense the rush well. Will often throw it up for grabs in clutch situations and throw off of his back foot. Doesn’t seem to want to slide as a runner.

Projection: UDFA.

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