Tyler Murphy, QB, Boston College – 2015

Was a grad student who transferred from Florida in January 2014.

All-Star Games: Medal of Honor Bowl.

Positives: Ran a pro-style offense in college, so he may be more ready to handle an NFL offense. Handles pressure in the pocket well, and is able to step up in the pocket under outside pressure – showing generally good escapability. On the run, he keeps his eyes downfield. Throws with above-average arm strength. His best attributes are as a runner, and he has above-average speed, quickness, and cutback vision. Follows his blockers well downfield and patiently. He can also use a stiff arm like a running back.

Negatives: His height and bulk are slightly below-average for the position, and he seems to be built more like a wide receiver. Very late to pull the trigger at times and will consistently hold the ball too long under pressure, overly dependent on his escapability. Needs to know when to throw the ball away on the run and he will also throw the ball across his body on the run for easy INTs. Will just chuck it downfield under pressure. Has a long throwing motion. Below-average accuracy at all levels of the field. Passes tend to come up short when he throws off of his back foot, which is pretty often. Will also throw high when he steps up in the pocket.

Projection: UDFA. I don’t see an NFL future for him at quarterback, but I think he would make a nice developmental running back prospect.

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