Jameill Showers, QB, Texas-El Paso – 2015

Graduated after the 2012 season and transferred from Texas A&M in February 2013.

All-Star Games: NFLPA Game.

Positives: Very good bulk for the position – built like a fullback. Can step up in the pocket, keep his eyes downfield on the run, and also knows when to throw the ball away on the run. Moves fairly well in the pocket to elude defenders. Throws with above-average arm strength and adequate velocity. Okay accuracy when he has a clean pocket. Above-average speed and is willing to run and lower his shoulder or dive forward for extra yards. Versatile and has spread offense and under-center experience. Is also a fair punter.

Negatives: Below-average height for the position. Hesitant and will hold the ball too long. Will also get happy feet in the pocket. Will also make bad decisions trying to get away from defenders and will run around in the pocket too much. Misses a lot of open reads to the sidelines. Doesn’t set his feet consistently before throwing. Will take chances when he should just check down. Passes seem to wobble when he has to drive it. Locks onto receivers and often forces passes into coverage under pressure. Inconsistent accuracy on intermediate and deep passes. Three-quarter release at times.

Projection: UDFA.

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