Rakeem Cato, QB, Marshall – 2015

All-Star Games: NFLPA Game.

Positives: he is a very athletic quarterback with some solid arm talent. He throws with adequate arm strength and velocity, with good accuracy on crossing routes and other timing routes, above-average accuracy when he is on the move, and generally adequate accuracy on medium and deep passes. Pretty consistently throws with good touch on intermediate and deep passes over linebackers. He keeps his head under pressure and will try to find the open man until the end. He thinks quickly enough to be able to improvise on the move. He keeps plays alive with feet very well and consistently, moves around well under pressure, and is able to step up in the pocket when pressure comes from the outside. Runs with above-average speed and quickness. Good pump fake. Has a pretty quick release. Slides well on the run and doesn’t take too many risks as a runner. Willing to throw the ball away. As a receiver in the 2014 bowl game, showed above-average hands and ability to extend well for passes away from his body.

Negatives: He is short for the position and has a very slight build for the position and skinny lower body –­ built more like a slot wide receiver. Comes from a high-tempo spread offense and may not be ready for an NFL offense. He throws with a long delivery and shows below-average throwing mechanics and very erratic footwork overall – doesn’t follow through on passes and often throws them off of his back foot. His feet are sloppy – he won’t set his feet in the pocket and will also get caught flat-footed at times. His feet start to get restless if his first option is covered. He also doesn’t set his feet well when he is on the move. He had a little trouble throwing with touch in NFLPA game practices. Eyeballs receivers consistently and doesn’t go through progressions. Below average decisions on the run, and will throw across his body at times. His decision-making is below average overall. He will throw across his body on the run, which will make for easy interceptions in the pros. In addition, he often throws into coverage. In the red zone, he will lock onto receivers and miss seeing better options. He also seems late to pull the trigger often. Needs to be more aware of the first down marker as a runner. Needs to be more aware of time. Seems to consistently throw his ball up high expecting receivers to go get it. Careless with the ball while moving around in the pocket and will hold the ball away from his frame. Deep passes flutter. Very risky ball security running around in the pocket. Looks uncomfortable coming out from under center.

Projection: Round 5. Though he is erratic and probably too small for the position, he has a lot of arm talent and an abundance of athleticism to stick on a roster as a long-term developmental quarterback prospect or even a jack-of-all-trades athlete.

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