Connor Halliday, QB, Washington State – 2015

Was a redshirt senior.

Positives: A very patient pocket quarterback who has the ability to go through his progressions. Adequate arm strength. When he sets his feet, he shows pretty good accuracy overall. Throws with above-average accuracy on timing routes and on the run to the left. Throws with very good touch on short, medium and timing passes. Shows nice anticipation on timing routes and will hit receivers coming out of their breaks, throwing it before they make their move. He is able to step up in the pocket under outside pressure. Good height for the position.

Negatives: He comes out of a spread offense, and may not be immediately ready to handle an NFL offense. Consistently below average medium and deep accuracy and throws high consistently. Field of vision narrows consistently in the red zone, and he misses some obvious reads there. Has a bit of a slim build for both the position and his own height. Though accurate inside the pocket, his accuracy suffers when he steps up in the pocket and when he doesn’t set his feet. Though he throws with enough arm strength, his velocity is below average. Passes tend to wobble when he tries to put in a lot of zip on the ball, and his deeper passes tend to die. He is a bit of a statue in the pocket, and doesn’t show much escapability at all. Below-average speed. Doesn’t sense the rush and will just stand there waiting. Long windup and seems to have a hard time getting rid of the ball. Not an instinctive runner, and will run into contact. Strange throwing motion and seems to push the ball rather than throw it, and has a hitch in his release. Broke right leg in November 2014 and missed rest of season.

Projection: Round 7. I think he is, at best, a developmental third quarterback, but he shouldn’t have too hard of a time finding a spot because he has enough passing ability to contribute.

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