Brandon Bridge, QB, South Alabama – 2015

Originally from Canada. Transferred from several schools during his college career.

Positives: Great height and good bulk for the position. He throws with good arm strength and above-average velocity. As a passer, he seems comfortable outside the pocket. Inside the pocket, he is able to check down to outlet receivers if he is given time. As a runner, he has above-average speed – and follows his blockers well on outside runs. Runs with adequate track speed for the position, but good for his size. Keeps his eyes downfield on the run. Reportedly was coachable at NFLPA Bowl practices.

Negatives: He really reminds me of Logan Thomas, and that’s not good. Overall, his accuracy is inconsistent at best – at all levels, when he steps up in the pocket, on timing routes, and on the run. Part of that is due to troubles with his footwork and his mechanics. He doesn’t have a smooth delivery, and he throws with a three-quarter release in general. He doesn’t set his feet on the run. He will consistently throw with his body moving or even falling backwards when he clearly has the time to set himself. He seldom sets his feet to deliver an accurate pass. Needs to vary his velocity depending on the situation, and has a low trajectory on fade routes. He eyeballs receivers consistently and will throw it directly at defenders down the field. On the run, he takes too many chances. Reportedly has a hard time recovering from mistakes. Inconsistent ball security technique moving away from pressure. Injured ankle in October 2014 and missed a couple of weeks.

Projection: Round 6. With his size, athleticism, and arm, he is a likely candidate for a practice squad somewhere. And, if he works on his mechanics a lot, he could eventually turn into a contributor. But he has way too many Logan Thomas-style concerns for me.

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