Bo Wallace, QB, Mississippi – 2015

Started college at Arkansas State but transferred to community college in 2011. Then transferred to Mississippi.

Positives: He throws with adequate arm strength and velocity, and his accuracy on short passes is pretty good. He seems pretty confident in his arm, and he is willing to try to throw passes through tight windows. His best attributes are as a runner. He has above-average game speed and is a willing runner. He works hard for rushing yards, is not easy to bring down, and will dive for extra yards. In the open field, he is a slashing who shows pretty good vision and can weave through open-field traffic. Knows when to throw the ball away on the run. Very good height for the position.

Negatives: Though he has very good height for the position, he has a slim build. In college, he ran a high-tempo spread offense, and may not be ready for an NFL offense. Below-average accuracy on the run and on deep passes. Needs to learn to get rid of the ball to avoid big losses in the pocket – he consistently holds the ball too long and takes sacks even on plays where the choice is obvious. He throws with a long windup, and his throwing release is inconsistent, as are his throwing mechanics. He throws off of his back foot – or even falling backwards – often. He is not a solid decision-maker, and he locks onto receivers hard and consistently. Seems to make most of his decisions pre-snap, eyeballs receivers, and doesn’t see better receiving options down the field. He throws into coverage often, and, under pressure, he will throw it directly at defenders. At times, he looked bewildered in the 2014 bowl game. As a runner, he is more of a slasher and doesn’t seem to change directions very well. Below-average ball security fighting for yards. He seems pretty tough – he played 2012 bowl game with an injured shoulder that resulted in surgery.

Projection: UDFA. He has the athleticism and enough arm talent to make it into a camp, but not enough to stick there.

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