Gary Nova, QB, Rutgers – 2015

All-Star Games: Medal of Honor Bowl.

Positives: Ran a flexible pro-style system with spread and read-option elements in college. He generally threw with above-average touch on intermediate passes and to the sidelines. On the run, he keeps his eyes downfield looking for open receivers instead of just taking off. Under pressure, he is willing to throw the ball away. Runs with above-average speed.

Negatives: makes consistently poor decisions both under pressure and without pressure, and often throws into coverage. Will throw across his body on the run. Is inconsistent going through his progressions –will lock onto receivers at times, especially in clutch situations. And, when he does go through his progressions, he will often throw to the wrong receiver anyway. Below-average throwing mechanics – tends to tighten up his motion when throwing and often throws off back foot with his feet not set – even when there is no pressure. Almost never keeps his feet under him during his throwing motion. Late recognition. Passes often batted at line. His accuracy is streaky at best at all levels. Inconsistent use of touch and needs to vary velocity instead of always throwing bullets on short passes for floating passes to the sideline. Needs to step up in the pocket under outside pressure more consistently. Suffered a concussion in September 2013.

Projection: UDFA. He is consistently inconsistent and needs a lot of work on his mechanics and footwork. If he does that, that might fix a lot of his inconsistency, but he has a ways to go before he is more than practice squad material.

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