Bryan Bennett, QB, Southeastern Louisiana-FCS – 2015

Transferred from Oregon in 2013.

All-Star Games: Was invited to the College Gridiron Showcase, but was invited to the Senior Bowl as a late replacement.

Positives: Is a multipurpose runner and passer with some solid athleticism. Has above-average height and bulk for the position. Throws the ball with adequate arm strength and above-average velocity. He is a very effective runner with above-average speed and quickness. On the run, he keeps his eyes downfield and throws with adequate accuracy on the move. Is a pretty fair improviser under pressure to allow him to get the ball away. Though he is less effective as a pocket passer, he does show pretty good escapability and athleticism there. Knows when to slide as a runner to protect himself. Though he is a spread quarterback, he does have some experience taking snaps from center.

Negatives: He comes out of a spread offense with read option aspects as well as some under-center plays. His accuracy is generally below-average on deep passes – where he tends to underthrow receivers – as well as on passes from inside the pocket. He eyeballs receivers too much and is easy for defensive backs to read, and he will throw it directly to defenders. Holds ball too long. Overall, his decision-making is suspect, but especially in the red zone. Under pressure, he tends to just throw the ball up for grabs. Though his accuracy on the move isn’t bad, he will throw the ball across his body at times for easy interceptions. Needs work on his dropback footwork, since, in college, he usually just caught the snap and released. He needs to work on getting better touch and accuracy on fade routes.

Projection: UDFA. I don’t expect him to have much success in the NFL, but he could stick around as a practice squad player.

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