Terrance Broadway, QB, Louisiana-Lafayette – 2015

All-Star Games: Medal of Honor Bowl.

Positives: Has a solid build, with adequate height and above-average bulk for the position. Though he didn’t run a pro-style offense in college, he did operate at a high tempo, forcing him to make quick decisions. He throws with adequate arm strength and velocity. He also throws with enough accuracy on short routes and timing patterns, and his accuracy on passes down the seam has improved over the years. His footwork has also improved. Seems tough – though he broke his right arm in November 2013, he still started that year’s bowl game. Under outside pressure, he can step up in the pocket and deliver the pass. Good play fakes. On the run, he keeps his eyes downfield looking for receivers, and, when he takes off running, he seems to know when to slide. Also as a runner, he shows good speed and open-field vision. Is willing to dive for extra yards and the first down.

Negatives: He is a much better runner than passer. He didn’t run a pro-style offense in college, but ran a high-tempo read-option offense. Generally throws with below-average accuracy on medium and deep passes, and his accuracy on the run also needs work. His performance under pressure is possibly his biggest liability, and he will often just Chuck the ball up under pressure. He also needs to learn to throw the ball away on the run instead of taking big losses trying to make something out of nothing. He generally shows below-average mechanics, has a long windup – on deeper passes, it looks like he has to torque his body way too much. On deep passes, he tends to throw the ball into coverage. Also has a strange punch-like throwing motion with a hitch. Inconsistent touch on medium passes. Eyeballs receivers. Though he has good speed, it seems to take him a while to accelerate to it. Below-average ball security on the run and he needs to learn to switch hands to the sidelines side on outside runs. Doesn’t follow his blockers particularly well. Broke right forearm in November 2013 and required surgery. Injured his index finger early in the Medal of Honor Bowl and didn’t play the rest of the game.

Projection: UDFA. Though he has improved over his college career as a quarterback, he still has a long way to go to be a contributor in the pros. But his athleticism – and the fact that he HAS improved over time – may earn him a spot on a practice squad. But he does have a lot of negatives to work on.

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