Sean Mannion, QB, Oregon State – 2015

All-Star Games: Senior Bowl.

Positives: Great height and bulk for the position. He comes out of a pro-style offense, so he should be more prepared for an NFL offense. Throws with good accuracy on short patterns. He shows good anticipation on timing routes, and consistently hits his receivers in stride and coming out of their breaks. He throws with adequate arm strength and velocity, generally making good use of touch when he needs to. He shows confidence in his arm, and will try to fit the ball into very tight windows. Though he lacks athleticism, he is able to step up in the pocket a little bit under outside pressure. Knows when to throw the ball away. He seems pretty tough – though he injured his knee in 2012, he only missed two games because of it.

Negatives: The farther he has to throw the ball, the more inconsistent his accuracy becomes – mostly due to inconsistent throwing mechanics. His release often comes out three-quarters and he has a slightly long delivery. At times, he will also throw off his back foot under no pressure. He often underthrows receivers on deep patterns. Though he generally throws with nice touch, he needs to learn to vary his velocity better. Though he has adequate arm strength, he has to wind up a lot to drive passes far downfield. He also isn’t the most athletic of quarterbacks, and has poor track speed and quickness for the position, and below-average for his size. Inside the pocket, he’s a bit of a statue and doesn’t sense the rush very well and also needs to get more separation from defenders when moving around in the pocket to keep his arm from being tipped. On rollouts, he needs to set his feet better to complete passes to open receivers in the middle of the field. His decision making also needs some work – he consistently misses better reads in the red zone, and will throw into coverage. At other times, he is indecisive, and will hold the ball too long. He tends to lock onto his receivers, missing better open receivers down the field. He also checks down consistently. Injured his left knee in October 2012 and had surgery.

Projection: Round 5. He obviously needs to go to an offense that doesn’t rely on athleticism. To me, he looks like an NFL backup or low-tier starter, and would probably be better served going to a short-passing West Coast offense. He shows enough accuracy that he may eventually be an adequate starter when he improves his decision making. He probably has a better NFL future than former Oregon State QB Sean Canfield, who has bounced around the Saints roster for several years now.

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