Hutson Mason, QB, Georgia – 2015

Was a redshirt senior.

All-Star Games: Shrine Game.

Positives: Has adequate height and hand size for the position. At Georgia, he ran a pro-style offense, so he may be more ready to run a typical NFL offense. He’s pretty accurate at all levels of the field – on short passes, on short timing patterns, down the seam, and on deep sideline patterns. He has adequate arm strength and throws with nice touch on intermediate and fade passes. He has an overhand release, and is also able to vary his throwing slot when necessary. Goes through progressions at times, though inconsistently. He is able to keep his head under pressure in the pocket, sidestep the rush, step up, and deliver the pass. Executes play fakes well. Has enough athleticism to get by and runs with above-average speed. Is willing to run when the pocket collapses and also knows when to slide as a runner.

Negatives: Though he has a nice overhand delivery, it is a little long, and he often seems to push the ball rather than following through. Despite his adequate arm strength, his velocity is below average, and he also has to put a lot of air under deep passes. Though generally accurate, his least accurate area of the field seems to be on intermediate passes over the middle of the field. Overall, his decision making and pocket presence are lacking. He consistently holds the ball too long and hesitates to pull the trigger. He eyeballs his receivers too often. He tends to drift backwards on passes and not step into his throws, and his passes on the run wobble. He also doesn’t show much escapability in the pocket and doesn’t sense the blind-side rush. Below-average ball security and fumbled the ball in one game without even being hit. He also looks like he needs to bulk up a bit to handle NFL demands.

Projection: Round 7. I think he should go by Round 5, but he seems like he’s going under the radar a bit. To me, he looks like a solid career backup and spot starter with enough moxie to stay in the league for several years.

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