Grant Hedrick, QB, Boise State – 2015

Was a redshirt senior.

All-Star Games: College Gridiron Showcase.

Positives: Is used to running a high tempo offense. Throws with above-average arm strength and adequate velocity using fair throwing mechanics. He is generally adequate at all levels of the field as well as on the run. He usually shows good accuracy and touch on short, intermediate, and deep passes, with nice touch to get the ball over linebackers and hit receivers on timing routes. On the run, he keeps his shoulders squared to the target and will hit receivers in stride with good accuracy and mechanics. Under pressure outside of the pocket, he seems to keep his head well to be able to find receivers downfield and keeps his eyes downfield on the run. He slides around pretty well in the pocket and has fair escapability. He is able to go through his progressions when he is given time. He shows a willingness to run, and has above-average speed, quickness, and cutback ability, and is also willing to slide as a runner. Is also willing to throw the ball away outside the pocket when he has to. Adequate ball security technique and will cover up with both hands when contact is coming. Is also an adequate punter if need be.

Negatives: He really seems to be too short and slight for the position – and has very small hands. He comes out of a spread offense and may not be ready right away for an NFL offense. Though his throwing mechanics are generally sound, he has some inconsistencies, and will throw off of his back foot at times under no pressure at all, losing velocity. Though he is athletic and moves around pretty well in the pocket, he often doesn’t seem to know where the pressure is coming from, showing suspect pocket presence. Despite showing fair anticipation at times, he is also sometimes late to pull the trigger. When he is trapped in the pocket, he will sometimes just throw it up under pressure. He will sometimes make bad decisions on the run, and will throw across his body. Sometimes, he looks a little bit contact shy, and will slide very early on runs. Though he scrambles well in general, he needs to do so with an eye toward buying himself more time to throw. He tends to lock onto receivers in the red zone.

Projection: Round 6. Some people may look at his athleticism, anticipation, and lack of size, and think of him as the next Russell Wilson. I don’t think his ceiling is anywhere near that high, but he could develop into a pretty fair backup in the NFL if given time. But his best bet may be to go to the CFL.

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2 Responses to Grant Hedrick, QB, Boise State – 2015

  1. Richard Larde II says:

    Hey Dynasty Can you do a write up on my QB Keahn ‘soup’ Wallace. Kid is a dual threat out of Johnson C Smith.


    Richard Larde II

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. I watched Keahn in the FCS Senior Scout Bowl, FCS Bowl, and Dream Bowl — so I have a lot of notes on him — but I’d love it if I could see one actual game film.

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