Taylor Kelly, QB, Arizona State – 2015

Was a redshirt senior.

All-Star Games: Shrine Game.

Positives: He generally shows above-average accuracy and touch on intermediate passes over linebackers and on the run. He throws with good arm strength. He shows pretty good athleticism overall, and runs with good speed. He is also willing to be physical as a runner – diving for extra yards when needed. He also keeps his head pretty well when he’s on the run, keeping his eyes downfield on the run while keeping his running options open. He has a nice spiral even when he’s on the run – possibly due to his above-average hand size.

Negatives: He comes out of a spread offense, which may limit his immediate contributions to an NFL offense. He doesn’t look to be built for an NFL career, and has slightly below-average height and below-average bulk for the position. He doesn’t seem to see the field very well, and is late to recognize open receivers – eyeballing receivers often. He often misses better reads and will throw to receivers who have no chance of getting a 1st down. He hesitates too often and is late to pull the trigger. His accuracy on deep passes and fade routes is consistently below average. His footwork is erratic and his foot will come too far back before winding up to throw. He also often overthrows receivers when he’s stepping forward on the move. His vision seems to narrow a bit in the red zone on the run. He needs to learn to vary his velocity – taking something off on short passes and driving it through tight windows when necessary. He demonstrates suspect ball security when he’s on the move. Doesn’t seem to sense the blind side rush well. On the injury front, he injured his right foot in September 2014 and missed three games.

Projection: UDFA. He has shown enough athleticism and arm talent to get into a camp, but I don’t expect him to be consistently successful at the NFL level until he improves his footwork, gets used to pro-style demands, and works on his decision making.

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