Anthony Boone, QB, Duke – 2015

Was a redshirt senior.

All-Star Games: Shrine Game.

Positives: Though he has below-average height for the position, he has great bulk, and is nearly fullback size. Adequate hand size. He throws with above-average arm strength and has enough velocity to fit the ball into tight windows. At times, he shows good anticipation and will hit receivers coming out of their breaks. When he is given time, he seems to be comfortable enough to go through his progressions. On short passes and screen passes, he throws with nice touch. On deep passes, he is able to throw with above-average accuracy and touch – with very nice touch on deep sideline passes, usually hitting receivers in stride. A very athletic quarterback, he started his career at Duke as the wildcat quarterback, and runs with above-average speed and determination. Under pressure, he is able to evade outside rushers and step up in the pocket. He knows when to throw the ball away and generally doesn’t force passes. On the run, he keeps his eyes downfield pretty well, and knows when to slide as a runner.

Negatives: Below-average height for the position. He comes out of a spread offense. In general, his performance can be pretty streaky – he can look great one week and bad the other. As a runner, he will sometimes take too many chances with ball security – even on the goal line. In short yardage situations, his cutback vision is suspect. Under pressure, he will sometimes hold the ball too long expecting he will be able to get away from defenders. His delivery is erratic, though it generally comes out overhand. Sometimes – but especially on the run – he will only read one side of the field and miss open reads. His accuracy on short routes and timing routes over the middle is below average. Though his hand size is adequate, his hand strength is questionable – the ball slipped out of his hands on a throw in the 2014 bowl game. He broke collarbone in September 2013 and missed a month.

Projection: UDFA. He has enough good tape and athleticism to at least get him into an NFL camp. If he improves his consistency, I think he can develop into an adequate backup and potential starter in some systems. But I wouldn’t expect him to be a big producer anytime soon.

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