Shane Carden, QB, East Carolina – 2015

All-Star Games: Senior Bowl.

Positives: Though he is a little short for the position, he has adequate bulk and above-average hand size. For the most part, he has enough accuracy on short and medium passes. His accuracy seems to be a lot better when he is on the move, and he has pretty good mechanics when he is moving around – he keeps himself squared and resets his feet well to deliver a pass when he is on the move. He throws with above-average arm strength and adequate velocity. He goes through his progressions at times, and will spread the ball around to different receivers. He takes pretty good care of the ball under pressure, and knows when to just throw the ball away on the run and in the red zone. As a runner, he is willing to take off, and shows adequate speed and power. He isn’t easy to bring down, and will fight for the first down marker. Okay play fakes.

Negatives: He has below-average height for the position. He comes out of a spread offense, and may not be ready right away for a typical pro offense. Overall, his accuracy is seldom spot on – he consistently throws either just a little short of, behind, or ahead of his receivers. His accuracy on deep patterns and crossing routes is just below average. I think his accuracy would approve a lot if he worked on his mechanics, which are pretty messy. He has a long delivery with a three-quarter release and a strange throwing motion – he seems to push or catapult the ball rather than throw it. He doesn’t consistently step into his throws, and will often throw falling backwards and off of his back foot under no pressure. Too often, he tries to throw with all arm – his feet consistently get caught out of balance in his motion, throwing off his accuracy. When turning his body to throw quick passes to the sideline, he opens up his stance and doesn’t square up. His passes are consistently wobbly – especially when he tries to drive the ball or he is rolling out. He doesn’t sense the outside rush well and sometimes doesn’t even realize pressure is coming – especially when he’s concentrating in clutch situations. Though he spreads the ball around pretty well, he also checks down a lot. We locks onto receivers in clutch situations and makes suspect decisions in the red zone and on the run, where he throws across his body. Will consistently throw into double coverage on intermediate and deep patterns. He hesitates much too often, and is sometimes late to pull the trigger on the run or just doesn’t see his receivers getting open. Below-average ball security on the run, and holds the ball away from his body in one hand. Had some trouble with the under center snap in Senior Bowl practices.

Projection: Round 5. He has enough athleticism and arm talent to contribute as a backup and potential low-tier starter. Since a lot of his issues seem to be tied to his mechanics, working on those may help him contribute even more.

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