Garrett Grayson, QB, Colorado State – 2015

All-Star Games: Senior Bowl.

Positives: He is an athletic quarterback with above-average arm strength, deep sideline accuracy, and touch. He shows adequate accuracy on timing patterns over the middle of the field. Inside the pocket, he is able to go through his progressions pretty well – mostly between the 20-yard-lines. While not a threat as a runner, he is willing to take off, and runs with adequate speed and quickness for the position – showing good track speed at his pro day. Under outside pressure, he is able to step up in the pocket and keep his eyes downfield. He throws with an overhand delivery. He is athletic enough that he caught a long touchdown pass in the 2014 bowl game. Adequate height and bulk for the position, with great hand size.

Negatives: He comes out of a spread offense, and may not be ready for a typical pro offense right away. Accuracy is a little bit of a problem for him, and he has below-average accuracy on intermediate passes and passes on the run. While he can get the ball pretty far downfield, he has below-average velocity. His delivery has a nice overhand motion, but it is a long process, and even longer when he has to drive the ball. His decision-making and judgment under pressure are consistently risky. He will hold the ball away from his body when under pressure in the pocket. Also, his field presence is suspect, and, in one game, he was called for intentional grounding right on the edge of his own end zone, which would have resulted in a safety. On deep passes, he won’t read the deep safety and will often throw into double coverage. Once he gets to the red zone, he tends to make too many decisions before the snap, and will eyeball receivers pretty hard, telegraphing his throws. He doesn’t see the field well, and, on the rollout, his field vision narrows to where he misses other opportunities – he tends to only look at one side of the field. He consistently takes too long to make decisions, and lacks anticipation – usually only throwing after his receiver has made his break. He has more trouble throwing down the middle of the field than to the sidelines. While an adequate runner, he has below-average burst and looks a little uncoordinated. He has a little bit of an injury history – he broke his collarbone in October 2012 and missed the rest of that season. He also injured his left clavicle and had surgery in April 2014, but was ready for summer workouts.

Projection: Round 6. Looks destined to be a backup, but could be okay at that if he is in an offense with a strong running game and he works on his anticipation and decision making under pressure.

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