Bryce Petty, QB, Baylor – 2015

All-Star Games: Senior Bowl.

Positives: He is a big quarterback who throws with above-average arm strength. He throws with nice touch on intermediate and deep passes, and hits his receivers in stride on go routes – which is where he seems most comfortable throwing. On the run, he will keep his eyes downfield, and knows when to just throw the ball away. Shows pretty good anticipation on timing routes, and will usually throw the ball before the receiver even makes his break. Finds the single-covered man pretty consistently and doesn’t often throw passes into coverage. Runs with adequate speed for his size and position, and is willing to run and sacrifice his body for extra yards. He is as big as an H-back, with above-average height and good bulk for the position, so he can probably handle running in the NFL. Good hand size. Seems to be pretty tough, and played through back injury in 2014.

Negatives: At Baylor, he ran a high-tempo spread offense that often succeeded just because it just caught the defense off-balance – so he may not be immediately ready to run a pro offense. He generally throws with below-average accuracy on short and medium passes, as well as on the run. Though he has pretty good anticipation on timing routes, he has below-average accuracy on those throws. He tends to underthrow or overthrow receivers on crossing routes, on deep patterns, and when he is outside of the pocket. Though he has above-average arm strength, and can get the ball pretty far downfield, it takes a while to get there with his below-average velocity – and his passes tend to wobble. He doesn’t have good pocket presence, and he often doesn’t sense pressure from the outside or behind him. He is hesitant in the pocket, double clutching often, and is often late to pull the trigger – consistently holding the ball too long in the pocket. His size makes it difficult for him to be quick and balanced making cuts as a runner. He also had a lot of trouble taking snaps under center in Senior Bowl practices. Broke two small transverse bones in back in first game of 2014 but continued playing. Mild concussion in November 2014 but was practicing soon after.

Projection: Round 4. He isn’t ready to be a starter in the league, but he has enough skills that he could develop into an adequate backup or low-tier starter.

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