Brett Hundley, QB, UCLA – 2015

Redshirt junior who has declared for the 2015 NFL draft.

Positives: He is an athletic quarterback who throws with good arm strength and adequate velocity. He moves around well inside the pocket, and is able to step up in the pocket under outside pressure. When he is flushed out of the pocket, he keeps squared on the move and keeps his eyes downfield to look for receivers at least some of time. He is a very effective runner with good speed and above-average vision and quickness. Runs like a running back with pretty good body lean. Has a good sense of when to slide as a runner or dive for extra yards.

Negatives: his accuracy and touch are below average at all levels – on short passes, medium passes, timing routes, and when throwing on the run. His touch on deep passes is inconsistent. His throwing mechanics are inconsistent and he has a long windup – he needs to be more aware of stepping into his throws when he can. It seems like he has a lot of tipped passes at the line due to a low trajectory coming out of his hand. Most of his negatives come from decision-making – especially in the red zone. It looks like he eyeballs receivers a lot, and he will often miss out on more open receivers. He consistently takes too many chances in the red zone and under pressure, and throws the ball up for grabs much too often. He often throws into coverage or even directly at defenders standing right in front of him. He doesn’t read defenses well, and throws it to the deep safety too often on deep passes down the middle. Though he sometimes keeps his eyes downfield on the move, he gives up on a lot of plays too early and takes off running. He doesn’t have much of an injury history, but he injured his left elbow in September 2014 and missed two weeks.

Projection: Round 2. To me, he looks like he should go in the third or fourth round at best. He is much more of an athletic prospect than a passer, and he has a long way to go before being able to handle a pro offense.

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