Zach Bauman, RB, Northern Arizona: FCS Division

Cardinals, UDFA. On the Cardinals, he’s behind maybe four other guys vying for playing time and roster spots, so his success may not be immediate. But he has the talent to put up RB3 numbers in PPR leagues. Has the running skills to be a part of a running back by committee system and returner. Could be a solid contributor in the NFL. He reminds me a bit of Steve Slaton, who was a pretty effective runner his rookie season until he was injured a few years ago.

All-Star Games: Shrine Game.

Positives: Runs with above-average burst, quickness, and stop-and-start ability. Is very agile and this, combined with his quickness and burst, makes him very difficult to get a hand on in the open field. Behind the line, he runs with above-average cutback vision. Seems to see blocks developing very well, allowing him to burst through the hole suddenly. Has adequate hands. Despite his small size, he doesn’t just fall down with contact. He shows fair balance after contact, and can put his hand down to balance himself and get back up to speed right away. He will also churn his legs through contact in short-yardage situations. Above-average track speed for his position, and adequate to his size.

Negatives: Is short for the position, with below-average bulk and hand size. Though he churns through contact, he is not especially strong at the end of runs. In the open field, he shows inconsistent vision, and will miss opportunities to cutback for extra yards. Shows suspect body control when he has to adjust to catch off-target passes. Hesitant behind the line at times, and tends to dance behind the line rather than going up field.

Projection: Probably no need to draft, but keep an eye on his production.

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