LaDarius Perkins, RB/KR, Mississippi State

UDFA. Signed by the Packers as a UDFA but was released in August. He is very similar to Zach Bauman of Northern Arizona, a running back who is also in this draft, who I also compared to Steve Slaton. Perkins runs with slightly more power than Bauman, though. Has enough skills to be a big part of a running back by committee approach and a solid contributor in the NFL.

All-Star Games: Shrine Game.

Positives: though his height and weight are low, he has a solid build. Above-average hand size. Runs with adequate speed, above-average burst, and good quickness. Above-average track speed for the position. Above-average upper body strength, and surprisingly good for his size. He has quick feet and changes directions well. Is fairly agile and can make moves in the open field. Runs balanced after contact, and churns his legs well – with good leg drive. Shows very good cutback vision and picks his way through traffic well at the line and on kick returns. Patient and is willing to wait behind the line for a block to develop. Above-average hands and can extend to catch passes away from his frame.

Negatives: Short for the position, with below-average bulk. At times, he seems to be hesitant behind the line, and will dance too much instead of just going up field. Runs a little bit out of control and off-balance.

Projection: Could provide RB3 numbers in the right place and offense, but there’s no need to pick him up unless he’s on another team.

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