Raijon Neal, RB/KR, Tennessee

Packers, UDFA. If he becomes more decisive, that might fix some of his problems with power by giving him more momentum. Regardless, he is not an especially talented running back and will probably not be a consistently successful back in the NFL. Was put on IR in August with a knee injury.

All-Star Games: Medal of Honor Bowl and Shrine Game.

Positives: Good height. Adequate bulk and hand size. Runs with adequate speed and burst. Has above-average cutback vision, and is quick enough to bounce runs outside and change directions. Okay ball security technique, and protects the ball well through the line. Gives good effort after contact, and churns his legs for extra yards. Has adequate hands and fair concentration on off-target passes. Shows pretty good field sense, and knows when to give the extra effort for a 1st down. Good vertical leap.

Negatives: Despite his effort and his ability to churn through contact, he doesn’t actually generate all that much power. Seems unusually hesitant before he makes any move – either on kick returns or as a running back.

Projection: Might be worth sticking on your bench in deep leagues, but don’t expect much.

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