Brendon Kay, QB, Cincinnati

UDFA. Was signed by the Steelers as a UDFA but released in August. With such great size, you would expect him to throw with more authority. He has enough talent, though, to stick on a roster for some time as a developmental prospect. But it will have to be for another team than the Steelers.

All-Star Games: NFLPA Collegiate Bowl.

Positives: Above-average height. Good bulk. Ran a pro-style system in college, so should be more prepared for a pro offense. Has adequate arm strength. Throws with nice touch. On the run, he shows above-average anticipation and adequate accuracy. Is fairly poised under pressure, and stands in to deliver the pass under pressure. Is a tough runner with above-average speed who will dive for extra yards. Has a good sense of when to take off running and when to pass. Good track speed, ability to change directions, and generally above-average lower-body explosiveness for the size and position.

Negatives: Below-average hand size. Has a fairly long injury history. Knee injury in 2009 made him miss most of season. Missed all of 2010. Had shoulder, back, ankle, and rib injuries in 2012. A sore shoulder in Summer 2013 caused him to miss the early part of the 2013 season. He consistently locks onto receivers and tends to only read one side of the field. Below-average red zone decisions. Throws with Below-average accuracy on crossing routes and at most levels of the field. Below-average velocity, and his deep passes tend to die. Underthrows deep receivers consistently. He seems overly careful with the ball, hesitating consistently and holding it too long – resulting in sacks. He checks down a lot and seldom throws the ball more than 20 yards in the air. He doesn’t move around very well in the pocket, and doesn’t sense the rush well, either.

Projection: No need to draft him in fantasy.

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