Dustin Vaughan, QB, West Texas A&M: Division 2

Cowboys, UDFA.

All-Star Games: NFLPA Collegiate Bowl.

Positives: Great height and bulk for the position. Seems poised inside the pocket. Shows generally adequate accuracy, anticipation and decisiveness. Can vary his velocity fairly well, with adequate velocity on short and medium passes and nice touch on deep passes. On the run, he keeps his eyes downfield and throws with above-average accuracy. Will go through progressions at times – especially in the red zone. When given time in the pocket, he shows good throwing mechanics. Good vision and balance as a runner, and isn’t easy to bring down. though his track speed is below average for the position, it is adequate for his size. Adequate quickness for his size.

Negatives: below-average track speed. BBelow-average hand size. He ran a spread offense in college, and may not be ready to run a pro-style NFL offense. Below-average arm strength. His medium and deep throws are generally inaccurate, and he will throw low or high often. He will pass up – or just not see – open deep receivers in favor of shorter patterns. Though he can go through progressions at times, he pretty consistently locks into receivers. Has a long windup. Seems slow to get set up in the pocket, probably as a result of running a spread offense where he was just expected to get the snap and throw it immediately.

Projection: Far down the depth chart, he looks like practice squad material. May be viewed by some as a developmental 3rd quarterback. No need to pay attention to him in fantasy football or in the draft, but will probably be on some roster at least for the short term.

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