Connor Shaw, QB, South Carolina

UDFA. Signed by the Browns as a UDFA but was released in August and put on their practice squad. Something of a shorter Ryan Tannehill, he definitely has the athleticism to find a spot in the NFL if it isn’t on the Browns. Has enough toughness and passing ability to stick on a roster for a long time as a backup. He probably wouldn’t even be terrible as a starter for a short period of time.

All-Star Games: NFLPA Collegiate Bowl.

Positives: An athletic former wide receiver who even caught a touchdown pass in the 2013 bowl game. Adequate hand size. Good arm strength. He is able to recognize and exploit single coverage quickly. Generally throws with nice touch. Shows adequate anticipation on shorter passes, generally hitting receivers in stride coming out of their breaks. Poised and stands in under pressure. Knows when to throw the ball away. Moves well inside the pocket and steps up under pressure, shifting his feet inside the pocket to buy more time. On the move, he keeps his eyes downfield, staying squared and ready to pass. Can vary release point to get the ball through traffic at the line. Good speed, quickness, and explosiveness and is very willing to run. Above-average quickness. Willing to dive for the 1st down. Tough and played with slight shoulder fracture. Also played with broken and sprained foot in 2012.

Negatives: Below-average height and bulk. In college, he ran a spread offense with a lot of read option, which, though it is increasingly being used in the prose, is still not common. On rollouts, he shows below-average accuracy, consistently throwing across his body and into coverage, making poor decisions. His deep passes are also inconsistently accurate. His field vision often narrows a lot under pressure, and he misses easier reads. Below-average ball security technique on the run. He has Below-average mechanics and a bit of a long windup. He also throws off his back foot at times for no reason, losing a lot of velocity. Has some trouble throwing the deep out pattern, showing in adequate anticipation, waiting for his receiver to make his cut before he releases the ball. Long injury history. Had foot surgery in January 2013. Sprained right shoulder in September 2013 and missed a few weeks. Then sprained left knee in October 2013 and missed some time.

Projection: He is not someone to pay attention to in fantasy football, but he could help an NFL team as a developmental prospect.

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