Tyler Tettleton, QB, Ohio University

Son of former MLB player Mickey Tettleton.

All-Star Games: Medal of Honor Bowl — one of the lower-tier all-star games.

Positives: Has adequate arm strength, though not great. On the run, he keeps his eyes downfield to look for open receivers and doesn’t always just tuck the ball and run. He is also more accurate on the run than in the pocket. Shows OK accuracy and touch on deep passes. As a runner, shows good speed and pretty good vision in the open field and is willing to dive for extra yards. Has experience running a high-tempo offense and making quick decisions. Is OK at using play fakes.

Negatives: Slightly below-average size. On crossing routes, he shows below-average accuracy. Not effective at reading defenses and will lock in on receivers — throwing passes directly to defenders. Ran a pistol spread offense in college, so may not be ready for a typical NFL pro-style offense. 3/4 release. Suspect decisions on the run and throws across his body to defenders consistently. He sometimes has too much faith in his mobility and will hold the ball too long when he needs to just throw the ball away.

Projection: Round 7-UDFA. In the right system — one that takes advantage of his mobility — he could eventually be developed into a solid backup. But he will need to work on reading defenses and decision making. Overall, I see him as a practice squad player who could contribute at some time down the road. No need to draft him in fantasy.

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