Chris McGinnis-Parker, RB, Eastern Oregon: NAIA

Small for the position.

All-Star Games: National Bowl, a game where you would expect a handful of players to get rookie camp tryouts, but not real NFL contributors.

Positives: Shows above-average speed and quickness and changes directions quickly. Hard for defenders to get a hand on him. Good ability to stop momentum and get back up to speed immediately. Is decisive behind the line and shows good enough vision and lateral motion to hit cutback lanes. Very good balance after contact. Pretty effective as an outside runner. Is a willing pass blocker, and is adequate at times.

Negatives: Lacks strength, and is easy to bring down once a defender gets a hand on him. Not a very successful inside runner. Below-average ball security technique, and holds the ball too low through the line. Though he works at it, he’s just not strong enough to be a pass blocker in 3rd-down situations.

Projection: UDFA. I don’t expect him to make it in the NFL, but he reminds me most of Trindon Holliday, who has been a pretty successful return specialist and bit player in the NFL despite his super-small size. But the combination of small size, low level of competition and lack of name recognition probably mean the best he can hope for is a rookie camp tryout. Probably best served in another league.

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