Ryan Montague, RB, Louisiana College, Division 3

Seahawks, UDFA.

All-Star Games: Dream Bowl, one of the third-tier all-star games – generally for Division 3 and NAIA seniors.

Positives: Runs with good body lean and shows good power, usually finishing runs very strong. Breaks a lot of arm tackles and knows how to use a stiffarm. Above-average cutback vision, and has the above-average quickness and ability to change directions to take advantage of that vision. Adequate speed and burst. Okay hands. Generally looked strong against Division III competition.

Negatives: Below-average ball security.

Projection: He’s not someone to draft in fantasy, but he may be someone to keep an eye on.

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3 Responses to Ryan Montague, RB, Louisiana College, Division 3

  1. neilmalvone says:

    The Dream Bowl is more than a third-tier game. The Dream Bowl attracted high quality players like Ryan. Oakland Raiders scout Raleigh McKenzie and CFL scouts Russ Lande of Montreal and Bryan Perez of Ottawa were very impressed with the quality of the players and the high level of talent there. See attached article about D-II Dream Bowl star Ariene Gardner.

    More talent from the Dream Bowl should be called to NFL camps in the upcoming days.

    • Me saying it’s a third-tier all-star game doesn’t diminish the fact that there’s talent there. There’s a lot of talent at the D3 and NAIA levels, and the Dream Bowl gave them another great showcase. I would tier the all-star games like this: First tier is the Senior Bowl and Shrine Game; Second tier is the NFLPA Game and the South Carolina College All-Star Game; and the Third tier is the Dream Bowl and the Medal of Honor Bowl. There’s a fourth tier that includes the National Bowl, USA Football Bowl, and the various CDFL-sponsored games. And I’ve seen guys go to the NFL from all of them. But I definitely loved watching the Dream Bowl this year, and I hope to get to see it in person some time.

      • neilmalvone says:

        Thanks for the clarification. We have put a lot of effort into building the Dream Bowl and as we enter year 3 we expect to bring it up to the highest level. We appreciate your following the game and bringing needed attention to these great small college players. Send me an email and we can discuss getting you to this year’s game.

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