Joe Clancy, QB, Merrimack College: Division 2

Adequate size.

All-Star Games: National Bowl and Medal of Honor Bowl. Both are low-level all-star games of the type where you’d expect a handful of players a year to get a tryout or UDFA contract with an NFL team.

Positives: Above-average accuracy on routes toward the sidelines. Shows nice touch on short passes and generally throws a catchable pass. Shows enough arm strength, though not very impressive. Can vary his release point to fit the ball through traffic at the line. Under pressure, he generally shows adequate accuracy and poise and can find the open man under duress. Has some experience under center. Has adequate speed and is willing to run. When he’s on the move, he is able to set his feet to deliver passes.

Negatives: Though his short passes have enough touch, they aren’t consistently accurate. His throwing mechanics are erratic, and he throws off his back foot at times for no reason. He shows below-average anticipation skills — throwing to receivers before they break their routes, and not with enough touch to give them time to react. Though he sets his feet to throw passes on the run, passes from outside the pocket are not very accurate. He also makes below-average decisions outside of the pocket and will throw it into heavy coverage. Overall, he eyeballs receivers often and doesn’t read coverages well, letting defenders easily converge on his passes. Below average quickness as a runner.

Projection: UDFA. He might show up as a camp arm or get a tryout in an NFL camp, but there’s no need to draft him.

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