Ranking the TEs in the 2013 Draft

The 2013 tight end class is a pretty strong one — especially if you’re looking for H-backs and other receiving TEs. I don’t think there are any Tony Gonzalezes, Rob Gronkowskis, or Jimmy Grahams in it, but there’s some quality here.

The most successful dynasty football target will probably be Tyler Eifert from Notre Dame., but Kelce, Ertz, Escobar, Fauria, and McDonald are also very good receivers with varying degrees of blocking ability (which may or may not be important to the teams that draft them. And then you have Michael Williams, who is one of the best blocking TEs I’ve seen in a long time. He, Dion Sims, and Kyle Juszczyk should also find a lot of playing time in the NFL.

  1. Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame
  2. Travis Kelce, Cincinnati
  3. Zach Ertz, Stanford
  4. Gavin Escobar, San Diego State
  5. Joseph Fauria, UCLA
  6. Vance McDonald, Rice
  7. Michael Williams, Alabama
  8. Dion Sims, Michigan State
  9. Kyle Juszczyk, Harvard
  10. Chris Pantale, Boston College
  11. Mychal Rivera, Tennessee
  12. Matt Furstenburg, Maryland
  13. Luke Willson, Rice
  14. Ryan Otten, San Jose State
  15. Evan Landi, South Florida
  16. Jack Doyle, Western Kenticky
  17. Jordan Reed, Florida
  18. Benjamin Cotton, Nebraska
  19. MarQueis Gray, Minnesota
  20. Corey Fuller, Virginia Tech
  21. Blake Williamson, California (Pennsylvania)
  22. Marcel Jensen, Fresno State
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