WR Justin Hunter, Tennessee

Titans, 2nd round. Tenn.: Junior who has declared for 2013 NFL Draft. Great height, but slim frame. Average hand size.

Positives: Good speed for the size. Excellent explosiveness and vertical leap. Elite athleticism. Adequate hands. Can high-point off-target passes. Holds ball fairly well when a hit’s coming. Adjusts well to off-target passes and shows above-average concentration on tipped passes. Adequate routes and is quick out of breaks. Good deep separation. Willing downfield blocker.

Negatives: ACL tear in 2011. Below-average lateral quickness. Though his hands are generally good, he drops some wide-open passes. Some trouble with fast passes. Doesn’t offer much resistance when cornered after the catch. Not hard to bring down after the catch and often just seems to fall on his own.

Projection: Will probably be strictly an outside WR on the Titans, with Britt (if healthy and head on straight) as the WR1 and Kendall Wright in the slot. I’m guessing Hunter will actually be the third WR target on the team, though his superior athleticism, speed and size may let him make an immediate splash — and even more of a splash if Britt misses time. His ability to adjust will help when Jake Locker throws it erratically, but his limitations over the middle will probably limit his ceiling. Draft as a WR3 with WR2 upside.

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