QB Tyler Bray, Tennessee

Junior who has declared for 2013 NFL Draft. Tall with solid bulk. Average hand size.

Positives: Has experience running a pro-style offense. Shows enough accuracy on intermediate routes. Above-average accuracy on timing patterns and on the run. Good arm and deep velocity. Very good overall velocity and varies it well — can fit passes into tight windows and shows arc on the deep patterns. Fairly quick release. Has the patience and understanding to go through progressions at times to find open receivers. Steps up in pocket under outside pressure. Is mobile enough to move around in pocket to keep plays alive. Knows when to throw ball away.

Negatives: Very inconsistent throwing mechanics — sometimes throws falling backwards for no reason and his release drops down to ¾ too often, negating his height advantage. Doesn’t consistently step into throws, relying too much on arm strength alone. Throws high fairly consistently when he lets his mechanics lapse. Below-average speed and overall athleticism. Late to pull the trigger on the deep out pattern. Eyeballs receivers often. Broke right thumb in 2011 and missed five games. Investigated for vandalism in summer 2012.

Projection: Round 2. If he were more consistent and weren’t such a potential headcase, he might be the best QB in this draft. Could be this year’s version of Ryan Mallett — a character question guy with arm talent who some team will draft as a long-term QB of the future. If he irons out his mechanical and psych issues in the pros, could be a very good pro QB. Draft as a long-term hold.

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