QB Geno Smith, West Virginia

Jets, 2nd round. W.V.: Adequate size. Average hand size.

Positives: Is both an excellent athlete and a very good passer. Has above-average mobility and very good speed. Throws very catchable pass and has excellent touch on intermediate passes. Fair accuracy on the run. Has enough velocity to fit passes into tight windows. Has the ability to vary his velocity and, though he has ability to rocket the ball, tends to throw with touch. Though he has only average height, he stands tall in the pocket. Has experience taking snaps from under center. Knows when to throw ball away. Is experienced at running a super-fast-tempo offense and making quick decisions.

Negatives: Ran a pistol offense, so may not be ready for a pro style offense right away. Below-average overall accuracy and often overthrows receivers. Slightly long windup. Eyeballs receivers. Below-average decisions outside pocket — throws across body or into coverage on occasion. A little hesitant and tends to hold the ball too long. Work ethic has been questionable throughout a lot of his college career, but most say he’s fixed that.

Projection: His decision making and the fact that his college offense didn’t prepare him for the pros will limit his immediate effectiveness. He also might be behind Mark Sanchez at the beginning, though it’s likely the team will make it as easy as possible for Smith to be the starter. He’ll probably be difficult to defend right away, but may have trouble when defenses adjust to him. Athletically, he’s between Ryan Tannehill and RG3. As a QB, though, I’m not completely sold. I don’t think he’ll ever be a top-10 QB, but may come out of the gates strong. In fantasy, be ready to trade in on early returns and get a windfall.

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