QB EJ Manuel, Florida State

Bills, 1st round. Fla. St.: Great size. Great hand size.

Positives: Comes from a pro-style offense. Has improved his accuracy over time to the point where it’s adequate. Shows above-average accuracy and touch on short passes. Throws with consistently good touch, especially over intermediate coverage. Fairly quick release. Keeps eyes downfield looking to pass on the run. Stands tall in pocket. Is a nice runner with good burst and speed. Fair escapability and looks to keep plays alive with his feet. Moves his feet well in the pocket and resets them on the move to make accurate throws. Very intelligent off the field and graduated early.

Negatives: Below-average velocity. Holds ball too long. Has trouble when he gets pressure up the middle. Makes too many mistakes under pressure. Will throw into coverage too often, especially when under pressure. Suspect balance making cuts and slips often. Seems to make too many decisions before the snap in red zone and misses better options as play develops.

Projection: I projected he’d be overdrafted based on his upside and athleticism alone — I just didn’t think it would be as the first QB taken. I don’t think he’ll ever be a great QB. I saw too many bad performances from him in college. He’ll probably start training camp behind Kevin Kolb, but will be thrown into the fire almost immediately. Draft as a QB3 with QB2 potential, but don’t break the bank for him.

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