QB Ryan Nassib, Syracuse

Giants, 4th round. Syracuse: Adequate size. Good bulk for the height. Great hand size.

Positives: Nice touch overall and throws a very catchable pass. Adequate accuracy outside of pocket. Good arm strength. Quick release. Keeps eyes downfield when outside the pocket. Knows when to throw ball away. Looks like a tough runner with good speed.

Negatives: Comes from a spread system and may have trouble with pro style offense. Generally inaccurate. Below-average anticipation on timing routes. Below-average deep accuracy. Below-average accuracy on rollout and doesn’t set feet to throw outside pocket. Stares down receivers often. Below-average footwork and moves awkwardly around pocket. His feet tend to get crossed up when changing directions. Passes tend to get tipped. Looks skittish in pocket and shows poor overall athleticism. Not a smooth runner. Very poor ball security.

Projection: Before the draft, a lot of people were talking him up as a potential top-10 pick, but I see a guy who is a potentially solid backup. Most years, I’d list him as a 4th-rounder, and that’s where he went this year. He has some arm talent but isn’t athletic, doesn’t make good decisions, and has questionable accuracy — all bad traits in a pro QB. He’ll probably spend the year as the Giants’ third QB behind David Carr and become the backup in 2014 and beyond. Draft as a handcuff to Eli Manning, but don’t expect him to excel.

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