QB Landry Jones, Oklahoma

Steelers, 4th round. Okla.: Very good size. Average hand size.

Positives: Though he comes from a spread system, it did contain some under-center plays. Above-average accuracy on short and medium throws. Throws a catchable pass with nice touch. Above-average arm and velocity. Fairly poised QB when in pocket and moves around well in pocket to keep plays alive. Can step up and slide laterally to avoid rush. Knows when to throw ball away. Adequate athleticism for his size.

Negatives: Comes out of a spread offense. Less accurate outside the pocket than within it. Deep passes are often inaccurate and tend to sail. Often overthrows receivers. Eyeballs receivers and throws into coverage often. Below-average throwing mechanics — doesn’t step into throws, has longish windup, has a 3/4 release, and often throws falling backward with no pressure. Seems indecisive throwing deep. Below-average ball security and fumbled twice without a hit in 2011 bowl game. Inconsistent footwork. Isn’t much of a runner and has below-average track speed.

Projection: Outside of a Ben Roethlisberger injury, he probably won’t ever be more than a backup. I expect him to be the team’s third QB in 2013 and the primary backup in 2014 and for several years. As oft-injured as Roethlisberger is, though, that could make Jones a solid handcuff eventually — but that’s the only reason to draft him.

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