QB Mike Glennon, North Carolina State

Buccaneers, 3rd round. N.C. St.: Very tall, with good bulk. Above-average hand size.

Positives: Comes from a pro style background. Good accuracy overall, with above-average accuracy on the run. Adequate deep touch and accuracy. Throws a very catchable pass with a nice spiral and touch. Adequate arm strength and velocity. Goes through progressions fairly consistently. Though he has little mobility, he can step up in the pocket under pressure. Stands tall in the pocket and can easily see the whole field.

Negatives: Below-average speed and poor athleticism. Streaky accuracy that trends bad when he lets his mechanics lapse. Can’t avoid rush — is a statue in the pocket and his feet don’t move much laterally. Though he can see the field, he has difficulty reading coverage. Below-average mechanics — consistently falls backward and throws off back foot. Often doesn’t step into throws, which causes his intermediate passes to die. Mostly throws underneath patterns and seldom over 15 yards. Poor speed.

Projection: In most years, he would probably be a 4th-rounder. But this is 2013, and teams like to overdraft QBs. But he joins a team with semi-established starter Josh Freeman ahead of him. Won’t start outside of injury, but is a solid backup, which is what he probably should have been all along. Unless he has rock-solid protection, I don’t see him having a lot of success in the pros.

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