QB Matt Barkley, Southern California

Eagles, 4th round. S. Cal.: Above-average size. Great hand size. Short arms.

Positives: Comes from a pro style system, so is probably the most pro-ready of all the QBs this year. Reads coverages well. Shows excellent touch and very good accuracy. Has a quick release, adequate arm strength, and above-average velocity on his passes. Throws an accurate deep ball even without a cannon for an arm. Excellent anticipation on timing routes. Fairly accurate on rollouts. Good footwork and overall mechanics. Good play fakes. Slides well to protect himself when on the run. Average speed.

Negatives: A little indecisive on throws, and double-clutches often. Will probably never be a comfortable runner. Tends to eyeball receivers. Injured shoulder in November 2012 and missed rest of season and Senior Bowl.

Projection: If he’d come out in the 2012 draft, I would have considered him the third-best QB prospect behind Andrew Luck and RG3 based on how I thought he’d progress in the pros. But he regressed in 2013, and it’s not certain whether it’s because of his own deficiencies or if he was trying too hard. He’s pro ready, though, and could step in on a team and start right away. It’s questionable how he fits into the usual Chip Kelly offense, but should be a solid pro once he gets the chance. It’s just uncertain when that will be. Draft as a long-term hold or Foles/Vick handcuff.

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